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Jon D. Kendall

PhD, MA, MSc (Ag Econ) Califdavis, BA MichState
Presently an Australian government agency employee

and previously
Deputy Head of School & Assistant Professor (translated as Lecturer in Australian English),
School of Management, University of Tasmania
, Australia

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Dr. Kendall has been teaching and conducting research in six countries, including Australia, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. He has published in the areas of international trade and finance and information systems. He has written a chapter in an Australian money and banking book and has co-edited a series on East Asian economic issues. He teaches undergraduate and MBA subjects including business statistics/mathematics, macro/international economics, information technology, electronic commerce/marketing and international business. His research and teaching interests lie in information economics, electronic commerce, electronic marketing, intellectual capital and educational technologies (to facilitate teaching and learning).

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Jon was an academic staff member in the School of Management at the University of Tasmania.

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