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Welcome to the cyber focal point of organising efforts for the 29-30th year class reunion (adjacent classes) of the Nido de Aguilas class of 1977 & 76, which is planned for late 2006.

Organising efforts are underway and more information should be available from this website shortly. In the meantime, email me for details.

Mike, Francoise, Roberto and others made our 25th reunion in November-December 2001a great success (see images).

Schedule of Events

Nido de Aguilas Class of '77 & í76 29-30 Year Reunion!

Yes, after all these years, (29-30 since our graduation!) we have decided that it is time to get together and catch up on each otherís lives.

We come from all different parts of the world: England, Europe, Australia, the US, Central America, South America! We come from all different walks of life: Doctors, Nurses, Air pilots, Teachers, Engineers, Writers, Lawyers, Professors, Bureaucrats, etc.

We will come to see friends that we have not seen (or talked to) in many, many years.

We come to celebrate the place that ties us all together...Nido de Aguilas! And, what a fantastic time it will be! We will have the best time ever -- so many compañeros de curso we have not seen for decades -- some bigger and older... or is that older and wiser.. and some seemingly unchanged -- but ALL full of warmth and amistad.

For those of you who missed the last reunion, the images below cannot do justice to the fun and fellowship we enjoyed. Just be resolved to attend the next reunion -- details to appear on this website soon.

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Nido Reunion Snapshots (from the 24th-25 year reunion)

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